Web Application

We have over 13 years of experience in PHP-MySQL based applications. At Big Web, we make highly scalable LAMP Web Applications using the latest versions and coding techniques. Your next Big Web app is in good hands with us. We have in-house code auditors and security auditors, optimizing for best load times, tuning your site for optimum system usage. Altogether you will get overall solution of making interactive web application.

Software Development

Possessing a team of leading software experts in Bangladesh, BigWeb Technologies develops both desktop and web-based software. These highly sophisticated software are designed via consecutive phases in a well-organized fashion. These procedures not only consists of the writing of code but also circumspect preparation of requirements and objectives, the layout of what is to be coded, and verification that the developed software corresponds with the objectives. Additionally, BigWeb technologies provide follow-up testing and maintenance of its software by providing regular update and bug fixing.

Android & ISO App Development

Cellular phones have become the new platform of upcoming technologies more so than any other in the recent years. BigWeb Technology recognized this requirement of its customers and is devoted to develop of Android and iOS moblie based application software with various specifications and versatility. These apps can be run on any and all application utilizing these operating systems.

Facebook App Development

Nowadays, keeping social touch is impossible without the assist of Facebook. Thus, BigWeb has taken upon itself to researching and developing Facebook application software for various facebook related entertainment activities like games and more. BigWeb also designs Professional apps for Facebook to help carry out different social activities, business and marketing activities etc for Facebook.

Cloud Computing

The days of buying terabytes of storage devices and eventually losing data are gone, now is the age of cloud computing, work online, store online and get results online. To introduce this aspect of technology, BigWeb Technology plans to introduce this aspect to its customers in hope to modernize the industry in Bangladesh.


Sometimes, one does not need services it already has, they just need someone to point them in the right direction. BigWeb Technologies are dedicated to provide all its customers, subscribed and not subscribed, the very best advice about how to properly utilize their information and communication technology to maximize their business prospects.

Software Maintenance

Developing a software or providing a platform service is only a half-measure, its meaningless if the software is not regularly maintained and duly updated. BigWeb Technology assures its customers that it will provide the top software and its efficiency will be enhanced even further with timely software maintenance.