About Us

Big Web Technologies Ltd is committed to provide its partners’ and customers’ business with innovative ideas, services and solutions through industry research, technological visualization and pioneer thinking. BigWeb Technologies take pride in facilitating it’s clients, helping them to achieve their full potential and accelerating their business. The company’s outstanding IT innovations and services assist its clientele in both public and private sectors to grasp new business and service opportunities, adapt industrial change and stay one step ahead of any rivals.

Who We Are

BigWeb is comprised of a collection of exceptional individuals, some are young and others are vastly experienced, all having both domestic and international work involvement. Some of its team members are young Bangladeshi men and woman have worked for Big security companies like Synack, Cobalt, while others have worked on fortune five hundred companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Ebay among others. The conglomeration of this talented party is dedicated to provide the customers with their diligence and perseverance, giving a 24/7 service, both on-site and off-site until our partners and customers are satisfied with the result.

What We Do

BigWeb Technologies is dedicated to provide its clients with various ICT related services, From Infrastructure Solution, Consultancy and Security to Software and App Design, Customizable CRM, Virtual Private Servers hosting and maintenance and Social Media Marketing. Big Web Technologies Ltd has also successfully developed and launched, Bangladesh’s very first vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) platform known as Beetles which provide various on the web platformed cyber security services such as vulnerability assessment and DDoS attack protection. Now customers’ IT problems can be solved online without ever going through physical drudgery.

Customers & Experiences

With over 15 years of combined experience working in this field, Big Web Technologies Ltd is highly proficient in the arena of providing complete support for cyber security and online web based services, including that of building and maintaining custom CMS and CRM, web applications, managing servers, data protection and security and email service management as well as total ERP consultancy, to name a few.

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Our Team

Led by a dynamic team with a wide array of experience, both internationally and domestically, our security professionals and technical support team provides on-site and off-site, 24.7.365 service, committed to the customer’s total satisfaction.


At Big Web Technologies Limited, we offer you the opportunity to use your potential to the fullest. Test your knowledge by working with our team of highly experienced individuals, push your limits by developing sophisticated software with complicated coding languages, solve perplexing cyber-crimes done by nefarious hackers and crackers. Why work a boring desk job in a random IT department and waste the rest of your life away when you can truly challenge yourself and reap rewards for your hard work. Work with us and satisfy yourself by overcoming the most difficult hurdles.

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